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SNAG Launcher

The launcher replaces the iron. The Launcher is designed to execute the chip, pitch and launch (full swing).

SNAG Roller

The roller replaces the putter. The putting strokes are executed with the roller.

SNAG Balls

The SNAG ball is made of a material similar to that of a tennis ball. The arrows on both the ball and the Launch Pad assist the player in recognizing the desired direction of play.

SNAG Flagsticky

The Flagsticky replaces the hole and the flag. When you hit the Flacksticky the ball sticks to the hook and loop cylinder and the player has thus "holed out".

SNAG Rollerama

The Rollerama target is used primarily in rolling and chipping. The SNAG point system is similar to real golf: less is more!

SNAG Bullseye

The Bullseye Target is used primarily for chipping and pitching. The SNAG points system allows interesting game formats for both younger and older players.

SNAG All In One

For the perfect start and at favorable conditions, we provide coaching kits and starter packs. Feel free to contact us so that we can respond individually to your wishes.​

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